In her artistic practice, Gülbin Ünlü celebrates the mash-up; This is reflected not least in her interdisciplinary approach, which includes painting, artistic collaborations, photo and video work, performance and music, using archives and AI.

Her self-developed pictorial technique enables her to deal freely with painting, so that pictures can become sculptures, installations and performances. Overcoming and interweaving genres is a succinct part of her work. The resulting works question the usual categories and classifications.

In the tradition of hauntology, Ünlü attempts to describe an ontology of the past that takes us to the lost futures while attempting to describe our complex present. She sees the contemporary as fragmented and brought together from different epochs, intertwining past, present and future as well as cultural influences.
What can be contemporary in art in this context, in this superimposition and overload of fragments, derivations and references?